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H.-W. Kummerow Introducing SBI

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Hans-Werner Kummerow ist the Managing Director of SBI - Sons of Bavaria Investment AG, Germany.


SBI acquires small share in Australian M…

Effective 20th November 2019 SBI has purchased five million shares of voting stock in Australian exploration company White... Read more

Canada Exploration projects

SBI-AG of Germany has signed an Option Agreement effective 2nd March, 2020, that entitles SBI-AG to aquire 100%... Read more

"Green mining project in Ewingar…

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Capital Increase at SBI-AG 2019

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SBI-AG establishes subsidiary in Canada

After a long period of preparation, the Canadian subsidiary "SBI Sons of Bavaria Investment Canada Ltd" was founded... Read more

Who we are

Our Goals

SBI has been designed and created to build a strong network of partners that intend to reliably supply... Read more


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Our Mission

SBI - Sons of Bavaria Investment AG - is committed to bridging the gap between metal mining operations... Read more

What we do

Fine Jewelery available

This fine jewellery are made from very rare gold quartz. These extraordinary items are exclusively available upon special... Read more


SBI will conduct all trading of metals through established metal exchanges such as the London Metal Exchange and... Read more


SBI will collaborate with local partners to explore greenfield projects, and while the corporate management will remain with... Read more

EV-Battery Metal Project NSW

Exploration Licence EL 8822 (EV-Battery Metal Project NSW) is located in northern New South Wales (NSW), Australia in... Read more

SBI Exploration Projects in Canada

Oceanview Claims 94 Claims, 1521 Hectares, 5 km of Strike length Up to 3% Cobalt and 3% Bismuth plus Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag-Sn The... Read more

Portrat HWK FarbeDear Visitor,

I have the honour of welcoming you to the website of SBI Sons of Bavaria Investment AG. SBI has been designed to offer fractional ownership in mining-operations to metal-processing operations, thereby bridging the gap between the mining industry and the metal processing industry.

Why do we do this?

If you are buying metals for your production process with regular frequency, wouldn´t it be favorable to own a share of a mine that is actually producing the raw materials you need to help guarantee secure supply of production-critical metals? For example, in early 2018, metal processing operations buying large amounts of cobalt approached cobalt mines directly to purchase the metal straight from the mine.

Why did they do that?

Because companies that are dependent on a reliable supply of metals such as cobalt want to make sure that the right amounts of cobalt they require for their production will be available to them even if markets for cobalt dry up or prices increase sharply or unexpectedly. But not every metal-processing operator has the capacity to purchase materials straight from the mine.

So what should you do?

Take a look at our website and decide what is right for you and your future purchasing and hedging strategies. And maybe - become a part of our network. You are cordially invited to join.

Hans-Werner Kummerow, CEO